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Sally_headshot_closeupHi, I’m Sally. Thanks for stopping by. I joined Tokerud Consulting Group in 2002. My mandate has been to provide documentation, testing and marketing. As I’ve begun to get more robust structures in place, I’ve turned to doing more customer support. Janet is still Studio Manager’s architect and FileMaker master.

What I do is take some of the less technical stuff off her plate and make sure everyone gets what they need in a timely manner. I’m more of a generalist and can handle marketing, administration and your average Studio Manager question. And I know enough to turn things over to Janet when her extreme depth with FileMaker and Studio Manager is required.


Ohio_State_LogoMy varied background works well here at TCG. After getting my Bachelor’s of Science degree in education at Ohio State, I went on for my Master’s in Holistic Education and Counseling Psych at Leslie College in Cambridge, MA. All that social science reflects my fundamental interest in working with people. Any kind of customer support and consulting is natural to me. Not as obvious based on my degrees, I just happen to love data too. Working with Janet hasn’t been the first time I worked with data and databases. I’m insatiably curious and like analysis.


digital_logoI got my start in the computer industry at Wang Labs. I was just working with computer professionals in Human Resources then. My start doing computer work myself came at my next job at Digital Equipment Corporation where I worked for ten years. Starting in HR, this time I got a chance to expand my repertoire and work as a User Analyst. I served as the liaison between user departments and the IT folks developing systems for them. That’s when I found out how much I loved this kind of work.


Sally_in_flowersMy number one hobby is gardening. I love it. Digging in the dirt is my idea of a good time. I grow all sorts of flowers – mix it up is my motto. I’ve been in the Bay Area for going on eight years now and am really enjoying the moderate climate after growing up in Ohio and then living in Boston for several years. I always find a way to have a garden. These are some flowers I grew recently but there are many, many more surrounding me beyond the edges of this photo.


RaidersLogoFootballGoing to college at Ohio State grabbed me in my formative years and turned me into a big football fan. I mostly watch the NFL now and follow my home teams , the Raiders and Niners with an occasional glance at the Patriots who started winning after I left Boston. I still watch college football whenever I get the chance.


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  1. Hi — Good thing I spell my name with an “e” in it! (Family thing. Great grandma spelled it that way.) I googled my name, as I do every now and then, to see if anyone is putting my magazine articles up. I’ve been doing that for years and never found you. Now that I have, I’m glad to know we are both mad gardeners! I also love to dig in the dirt. All best, Salley Shannon

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