Scout Tomyris

Scout spent the first few years of her career in the printing industry. From there, she advanced to graphic design and production. She got really excited about computers in 1986 and joined Smith & Hawken’s Art Department in 1987 where she spearheaded the conversion of their high-quality catalog from manual production methods to computer using the first versions of Quark Xpress. In 1989, Janet lured her away to become a general Macintosh specialist with Tokerud Consulting Group. Over the years, she honed her skills in FileMaker development, becoming Studio Manager’s product manager in 2000.

Although I’m an independent contractor, I serve as a senior member of the Tokerud team, I am the graphical user interface designer, associate product developer and chief technical writer. In addition to designing layouts for computers and a variety of mobile devices, I write the Studio Manager manuals. Although I do not design websites, I assist in keeping TCG web pages current.

Occasionally I work directly with designers to customize Studio Manager. What makes me good at this job is that I am one of you. My background for many years prior to joining TCG was in the graphic arts and printing industries.

I usually work directly with Janet, either at her office in Novato or remotely from my home office. On very rare occasions I can still be talked into helping out folks with Mac, iOS and iPadOS tech support.

In my off hours and weeks, I’ve found a nice balance to my work as a computer professional as an avid hiker and amateur naturalist. I used to lead vision quests in California high desert country a few times a year. See below for my story.


Birthdate and Age: September 3, 1950 – you do the math, it’s easy

Height: 5’3″ on a tall day

Eyes: blue or gray depending on the light

Hair: salt and pepper

Epitaph: “She’s as good as a map”

Favorite color: deep yellow/gold

Favorite animal: horses

Animal spirit guide: badger

Favorite pastimes: hiking, camping, gardening and living in community.

Guide, survivor, community member

Scout in action as Vision Quest Guide

I went on my first vision quest in August 1995. I traveled back to the wilderness annually for the the next 7 years to quest in solitude. Each experience deepened my sense of self, continually revealing to me gifts and talents that I had not previously recognized or appreciated.

There is nothing comparable to the clarity and insight I have experienced from spending solo time while fasting in remote wilderness. Except maybe the support and love I receive from my guides and fellow questers. It is a remarkable process. With each trip I become more open, more loving, more able to trust, a more whole person. I highly recommend going on a vision quest to anyone seeking to mark a life transition or who wants to understand themselves better.

In 1998, I began training as an apprentice guide with Anne Stine (Wilderness Rites). Then, I led vision quests and other earth-based healing programs. I felt honored and privileged to be able to offer guidance to others in a process that has been so transformative and healing for me. In this way I feel that I was following a deep calling to be of service, both to the earth and to my people.

Late in 2001 I experienced another life-altering event: my brain blew up. The technical explanation is that an aneurysm within in my cerebellum developed a bleed and I had to be rushed to ICU by ambulance. While this might have been a devastating for me, I surrendered to the mystery and bizarreness of it all only to awaken to a revitalizing sense of peace and well-being.

I have been on a journey since then that some call recovery and which I think of as the miracle of having a second chance at life. In the world of the vision quest, we sometimes think of the ceremony as dying practice. In my case, having a near-death experience (NDE) has brought me huge appreciation and joy for life. As a result, I became a better guide. I’ve ventured out to to quest and guide many more times since I was stroked.

Previously I was a contract guide for Rites of Passage. I specialized in guiding trips for adult women, although I also co-guided mixed trips and once a men’s vision quest. Although I am now retired as a guide, I continue to be active as an elder in the Wilderness Guides Council. If you are interested in learning more about Vision Quest and the remarkable transformative power of connecting with the spirit of nature, please contact me at

Since 2010 I have lived in a housing cooperative in Santa Rosa, CA – Santa Rosa Creek Commons. I have served as president, vice president, secretary and chairperson of various committees. To live in an intentional community is like a dream come true for me.

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