FileMaker 18 is Out!

If you use FileMaker, you’ll want to take a look at to see what’s new and exciting. The main work of Tokerud Consulting Group is building, enhancing and maintaining FileMaker solutions. Since FileMaker 18 came out last week, we are madly studying and working to understand and evaluate the new features.

Friendly Warning. If you already use FileMaker, and especially if you use our Studio Manager app, and want to explore the new version, please start slow.  Download the free trial version and use it to open and play around with a COPY of your database.

Wait for those who cannot wait. Let early adapters find the bugs that could damage your file. To be safe, wait for the first update, say version 18.1, before risking your mission critical database. The value of your file is in the user interface and layouts, the scripts, and your data. A conservative approach will protect your investment, ensuring that the alternate universe of coincidences won’t harm even one record in your database.

Studio Manager. We’ve got two other blogs that keep us busy. Our big Studio Manager website keeps our current and prospective customers up-to-date on our business solution for creative services. There you can flip through the tabs and see all sorts of screenshots for Mac, iPhone and iPad, as well as short descriptions of what’s in Studio Manager when it comes to managing contacts, job tracking, task tracking, estimating, billing and more.

Custom development. We also work with lots of other firms on variety of FileMaker solutions. Don’t hesitate to ask if you are interested in the possibility of a new FileMaker database or if you have one that needs some updating, extending or maintenance.

FileMaker Fever Blog. As time permits, we post news to our FileMaker Fever Blog. Check it for our new post on FileMaker 18!