I have a new WordPress 3 blog

Hi folks. Just a quick news item. I wanted to play with WordPress 3 and thought the best way would be to create a new blog to try it out. Conversion can have its issues, so I thought I would wait a little longer and do some research before upgrading my tokerud.com and studio-manager.com sites to WordPress 3.

Having fun over at janet.tokerud.com where I’ve started my personal blog called The Janet Tokerud Blog. This name may not last more than a couple more days as I didn’t want to wait for a good blog name to come to me. So I’m going with it for now. I like being able to use janet.tokerud.com as a URL. Better than a whole new domain called janettokerud.com. Not crazy about the double t’s in the middle.

I just wrote a post about WordPress 3 you might be interested in. I may write a few more posts shortly as I learn new things about WordPress 3. So far I like it a lot and really enjoy the new default theme called Twenty Ten. The site is currently using the default without modifications. I’m sure we’ll find lots of things to tweak but I’m impressed with the theme right out of the box.

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